Using "Select Vue"


Use the Vue which suits you the best! There are many different options which you can use to the best of your advantage, depending on what you're looking at.  The width of the different vues will depend on the size of the window you are viewing the Internet in and will automatically adjust when you change it! Go ahead and take a minute to try it out!

Remember, you can add as many pages to your personal VueTOO as you'd like, such as your personal stock tracker, weather, social networking site, news, and much more!  The Vue that works best will change, depending on what you're looking at, so make sure to experiment!


 Normal Vue 2x2

This vue is simply 4 different pages that is two columns wide by two rows high.  These vues work best for RSS Feeds, Image Links (such as weather radars) and Thumbnail vues of a particular Web Page (such as Yahoo! News' main page.


 Normal Vue 3x2

Such as the vue above, this one is three columns wide by two rows high.  Whichever one you use will depend on how many pages you would like to vue at once. 


 Wide Vue 4x2

This vue works best when you have a Wide Computer Screen, as it is 4 columns wide by two columns high.  If you have a standard computer screen you can use this for a quick image glance (i.e. radars or traffic camera images) but will quickly become cluttered if not used carefully.


 Pop Vues

These vues actually take the ABSOLUTE web page, and turn it into an ACTIVE page without opening a new window!  The selections of Pop Vue 1 through Pop Vue 6 are dependant on what pages you have designated (via "Customize") to display in which vueing pane.

When using "Pop Vues" you can access and manipulate your various Social Networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, and scroll your favorite news site all in one screen! Go ahead and check it out... click on "Pop Vue 3" and see what happens!


 Column Vues

These vues take your top content (which you can ALWAYS "Customize") and display it in either two or three columns.  These work great for looking at three different RSS Feeds, and for gaming widgets.


 Horizontal Vues

Using the Horizontal Vues enables you to see your top content in three rows, with the width designated by how large your window is.